Imaging In Acute Bronchiolitis: Evaluation of The Current Practice In a Kuwaiti Governmental Hospital and Its Possible Impact on Hospitalization Period

The Open Respiratory Medicine Journal 14 Nov 2018 RESEARCH ARTICLE DOI: 10.2174/1874306401812010075


Background and objectives:

Guidelines for acute bronchiolitis recommend primarily supportive care, but unnecessary treatment measures remain well documented. This study was designed to assess the Al-Adan Hospital pediatricians` attitude towards imaging of inpatients with bronchiolitis aiming to evaluate its utilization and possible impact on patients` management and length of hospital stay.

Subjects and methods:

This study included 194 cases of acute bronchiolitis admitted to Al-Adan Hospital. Number of X-Rays done following admission and reasons stated in the files were recorded. Bronchiolitis severity was estimated from the data obtained.


Chest X-Rays were ordered in 52.1% of our inpatients with acute bronchiolitis. In nearly half of those cases, the reason for X-Ray request is a clinical severity factor, namely desaturations and apneas, and in rest of the cases, no specific reason for ordering X-Rays was documented. Significantly more patients who had two or more X-Rays were prescribed antibiotics and had statistically longer hospital stay. The number of X-Rays performed during admission was not a significant contributor to the need for PICU care, however, it was a significant factor affecting the length of hospital stay.


The implementation of acute bronchiolitis guidelines regarding imaging in admitted cases with acute bronchiolitis is highly recommended in Al-Adan hospital. Clear documentation for the reasons behind ordering X-Rays is needed for those cases. A decrease in the X-Ray utilization and subsequent unnecessary antibiotic use can help in decreasing the costs and hazards of hospitalization for patients with acute bronchiolitis.

Keywords: Bronchiolitis, Imaging, Kuwait, Hospitalization, Period, X-ray, Pediatricians.
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