Female Sexual Dysfunction Among a Sample of Egyptian Patients with Asthma

The Open Respiratory Medicine Journal 23 Oct 2020 RESEARCH ARTICLE DOI: 10.2174/1874306402014010038



Despite asthma being a worldwide disease, still little awareness regarding the sexual function of asthmatic patients exists. So this study attempts to assess the Female Sexual Dysfunction (FSD) amongst Egyptian females with asthma and its burden on their quality of life.

Materials & Methods:

The sample consisted of 180 subjects, comprising 90 asthma patients and 90 healthy controls aged between 20 - 45 years old, who visited the Chest Department Outpatient Clinic of Ain Shams University Hospital between January and December 2018. We reported all the subjects' demographic and clinical data; both groups answered an Arabic version of the Female Sexual Function Index (Ar FSFI) and World Health Organization Quality of Life Questionnaire abbreviated version (WHOQL-Bref).


90% of asthmatic females had FSD; total Female Sexual Function Index score was 12.956 ± 10.3 in asthmatic females compared to 25.423 ± 5.521 in healthy controls; 45.6% of asthmatic females with sexual dysfunction had moderate asthma and 86.4% had uncontrolled asthma, 40.1% of them had a low educational level and 80.2% were unemployed.


Jobless females with severe uncontrolled asthma and a low educational level had higher sexual dysfunction and a poor quality of life.

Keywords: Asthmatic females, Female sexual dysfunction (FSD), Quality of life, World health organization, Egyptian females, Healthy females.
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