Assessment of Inter-relationship between Anemia and COPD In Accordance with Altitude

Thangavelu Sangeetha1, Arumugam Vijaya Anand1, *, Tajuddin Nargis Begum2
1 Medical Genetics and Epigenetics Laboratory, Department of Human Genetics and Molecular Biology, Bharathiar University, Tamil Nadu, India
2 Department of Biotechnology, Jamal Mohamed College (Autonomous), Tiruchirappalli, Tamil Nadu, India

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Anemia, a common blood disorder has been analysed for the risk for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), a predominant respiratory condition. The COPD patients have been found to have anemia due to inflammation, accounting for about 7.5-33%.


To predict the influence of anemia in the COPD occurrence as well as to depict the role of change in altitudes in the occurrence of anemic as well as COPD.


A total of 17 hematological parameters has been analysed in the anemic and COPD patients along with the control samples of low and high altitude regions and the significance of the results has been calculated.


The hematological parameter comparison between anemia and COPD samples of two different altitudes showed highly significant variations (p<0.001) as well as slighter significant variations (p<0.01, p<0.05 and p<0.1) in most of the parameters as well as the prevalence of anemic condition among the COPD patients was significant.


The considered hematological parameters shown to have a considerable influence in the occurrence of anemia and COPD as well as in the occurrence of anemia in COPD patients along with the change in altitudes.

Keywords: Altitude, Anemia, Blood disorder, COPD, Hemoglobin, Blood.